online class preparation


Being prepared can reduce fear and anxiety. It can give you more confidence and you’re always ready to face new challenges in life.
If you have the habit of not preparing in your online classes, then read this article until the last sentence. Let me start by telling you a story. Mary is an online student taking English classes every day. She spends most of her day studying with online teachers as her goal is to study in the United Kingdom in 3 months. This became a routine for her and she already knew what to do in her online classes. One time when she was about to start her class, she turned on her computer and to her big surprise, an update needed to be done which would take a long time and she might miss the class! You might say, “This is just a basic thing!” That’s true! But not everybody has the habit of preparing everything before they start an online class. As you continue reading, you are going to realize the value of online class preparation.


Pre-reading lessons give us time to identify the parts of the lesson where we have to focus. In this way, your brain will be prepared before you study. Also, we can be more confident when learning if we can anticipate things which might cause problems. You and your online teacher will have a more productive session by checking your lessons prior to your class.


From the story above, we can see that computers do unexpected things sometimes. We depend too much on convenience and built-in features, and we tend to forget that it is still a machine. To avoid this annoying situation, make sure that you turn on your PC at least 15 minutes before the class, so that you have time to check your internet speed and the computer’s functions and features. Finally, make a habit of downloading your files and lessons offline just in case your internet connection is slow.


Zoom is very popular nowadays for online learning. Aside from being free, it has special features where you can share your screen in real-time and it has breakout the rooms for small-group discussion. On the other hand, there are still issues occurring at times, so it’s important to have a back-up. Skype is a useful back-up in times like this. Make sure that you have both applications installed in your computer.
On the whole, learning English through the internet at this time is the only option for most people as we are encouraged to stay at home. Therefore, let us use this time for self-discovery and self- improvement. However, practice the habit of effective preparation so that you will not experience any problems if you are doing English online classes.

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