Native Premium

누구에게 적합한 코스인가요?

  • Elementary 레벨부터 Advanced 레벨 학생
  • 직장에서 외국인과 대화를 많이 하셔야 하는 분
  • 발음, 억양, 영어 표현 등을 더 향상 시키고 싶으신 분

코스의 장점

  • 듣기, 독해, 말하기 및 작문 파트에서 실제 원어민들이 많이 쓰는 영어를 배울 수 있습니다. 특히 원어민 교사와의 말하기, 듣기 수업의 장점은 학생들이 원어민이 실제 발음하는 방법, 자주 사용하는 표현 및 특정 상황에서 사용하는 어휘 등을 습득할 수 있다는 것입니다. 원어민 교사는 작문 시간을 통해 학생들의 글쓰기를 첨삭하여 학생들이 영어 배열 및 표현을 습득하고 올바르게 사용할 수 있도록 도와줍니다.
ESL Course Requirements and Description
Age16 Years Old and Above
Recommended LevelElementary to Advanced
Entry RequirementsESL Placement Test
Progress TestOnce a month
Start DateEvery Monday
Course DurationMinimum 1 week

Course Description

CourseNative 1:1Filipino 1:1Native GroupFilipino GroupOptional Class
Native Premium40112 (Native Group)

*Optional class is not a regular class. Students can add up to 2 optional group classes in the morning and the evening for free.

Subject and Class type

Subject Class Size Class Type Details
General Skills 1:1 Filipino Studying Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing skills for more natural, integrated practice
Speaking + Grammar 1:1 Filipino Students learn how to use their grammar knowledge by practicing it in spoken English.
Writing + Grammar 1:1 Filipino Focus on improving writing skills by studying grammar and applying it to essays, letter and reports.
Reading + Vocabulary 1:1 Native Develops reading techniques at the same time as expanding the student’s knowledge of vocabulary
Power Review 1:1 Native Native teachers review what students learned, giving further practice by helping students’ make sentences and correcting errors
Listening + Speaking 1:1 Native or Filipino Guides students in speaking better English by using listening samples, and also improving listening comprehension
Reading + Writing 1:1 Native or Filipino Improves Reading and Writing by focusing on the main ideas and paraphrasing them to better understand structure of passages
Listening + Discussion 1:6~8 Filipino Develops listening techniques by understanding the main points and then developing use of language through discussions
Pattern English 1:6~8 Filipino Learn patterns and structure of sentences, and practice these with students’ own sentences in different situations
Speaking + Vocabulary 1:8~12 Native Students learn vocabulary with native who also shows students how to use it in real-life speaking situations


Course Native 1:1 Filipino 1:1 Native Group Filipino Group Optional Class Room Type 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 8 Weeks 12 Weeks
Native Premium 4 0 1 1 2 (Native Group)
Single $840 $1,440 $1,920 $2,400 $4,800 $7,200
Double-A $770 $1,320 $1,760 $2,200 $4,400 $6,600
Double-B $753 $1,290 $1,720 $2,150 $4,300 $6,450
Triple $735 $1,260 $1,680 $2,100 $4,200 $6,300