Overview of Gambling Industry Outlook for 2021

The Gaming Industry Association (GIA), which is the largest trade association of the gambling and online gaming industries in the world today released a report titled “20 2021: A blueprint for the gambling industry in the United States”. In this report, the authors cite the following statistics concerning the state of the industry: “In today’s turbulent financial climate, casino gambling and online gambling have both faced tough challenges. One issue that has been a serious deterrent to U.S. business growth and job creation is the lack of government support for these industries. As a result, many companies are either shutting their doors or moving offshore to increase revenues and reduce operating costs.” However the authors do offer several recommendations for the state of the industry, which they feel can assist the state in preserving its present status as a leader in the gambling industry.

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The report also notes the need for continuing support and regulation by the federal government in the ongoing effort to protect licensed gambling establishments. This means supporting many new trends in gaming technology. It also indicates that the current problems faced by live dealer casinos and video poker machines are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Casino websites are now implementing new technology including holographic displays and 3D technology with the latest technology allowing players to experience the thrill of slots and table games like never before. The report also notes that gambling site managers are taking advantage of the most recent technology by adding slot machines located outside of the casino to create a more alluring gaming experience. Overall the GIA is pleased with the progress made by many casinos and the main recommendation of the report is that further studies must continue to examine the state of the industry.

The author did note that the current trend does not appear to be going away anytime soon. However, the GIA feels that it is important that the public understand that gambling does take a significant portion of the local economy and that the gaming industry has suffered some major losses due to the downturn in the housing market. Additionally, the GIA emphasizes that there is room for continued growth in the gambling industry. In fact the latest technology being used by online casinos shows that they are investing substantially in research and development. Gambling is an exciting and stimulating activity and the GIA recognizes that gambling addiction is a problem worthy of attention.


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