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CIP has 13 years of experience in English education for non-native students. It has provided various courses to help students continue or start their English language learning, even for young learners. To serve you better, we now offer online courses for young learners and junior learners as well.
Who should take this course?
  1. Children who want to learn English as their second language.
  2. Children who want to communicate with native speakers of the English lanugage.
  3. Parents who want their children to study abroad.
Subject Class Size Class Type Details
General Skills 1:1 Filipino Studying Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing skills for more natural, integrated practice.
Grammar + Speaking 1:1 Filipino Students learn how to use their grammar knowledge by practicing it in spoken English
Writing + Grammar 1:1 Filipino Develops young learners’ general writing skills by improving their use of grammar and sentence structure.
Speaking + Vocabulary 1:1 Native Students learn vocabulary and are then shown how to use it in real-life speaking situations.
Reading + Vocabulary 1:1 Native or Filipino Develops reading techniques at the same time as expanding the student’s knowledge of vocabulary
Phonics 1:1 Native or Filipino Develops young learners’ ability to read and write, and to recognize sounds. (for Starter level only).
Listening + Speaking 1:6-8 Native Guides students in speaking better English by using listening samples, and also improving listening comprehension.
Advantages of this course

Native and Filipino teachers use effective methods to help young learners develop their English skills. This course provides fun learning and practical ways to keep the child’s retention in the class. Finally, CIP is continuously monitoring the student’s performance, so parents do not need to worry about their student’s level of development.

Expected outcome

After taking this course, our students are expected to have improved in all skills by adequate learning and practice. Many existing online English programs tend to focus on speaking only, but CIP Online develops speaking which is improved by using other skills, such as vocabulary and grammar, as well. Students can also have writing, reading and listening classes online.

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