Director’s Message

English has become the only truly international language for communication. An ever increasing number people across the world are trying to learn how to understand and speak English.
CIP specializes in English education and aims to provide high quality language courses to students at affordable prices.Our comprehensive teacher training programs, continuous curriculum development and overall management system have earned CIP a reputation for excellence in English education. CIP students come from many different countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, Turkey, Indonesia, Myanmar, among others. We also have a range of nationalities among our teachers: American, British, Australian and Filipino.
All this means that students cannot avoid speaking English on the campus as well as in the classroom.Invest your time in CIP. All the staff at CIP are here to support you and help you make your dreams come true.
Thank you,
Lee Jae Hoon
CIP President
December 2019