CIP Online has started a new service for students. As the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for people to travel even short distances, we have made our quality offline courses available online. This way you can continue your studies in the comfort and safety of your own home. Established in 2007, CIP has been providing English education for 13 years.

CIP’s superior curriculums and qualified teachers are already well-know. Our unique mixed curriculum combining the strengths of Native & Filipino teachers is very effective in helping students to improve their English skills. This has already been proved by successes of the students who have
studied at CIP. With our offline courses now brought to you online, we are providing high quality English education in way that is safe and
convenient for you.

Korea and Japan 09:30AM to 06:00PM
China and Taiwan 08:30AM to 05:00PM
Vietnam and Thailand 07:30AM TO 04:00PM
CIP Training 80 Hours
TESOL Certification 120 Hours
Teaching Experience + 12 Months

Mixed Curriculum: Native & Filipino

Multinational Environment

Expert Academic Head

High Quality Teachers


Classes Native
Light Course
Light Course
Native 1:1 4 1   1   2 1
Filipino 1:1   4 4 1 2 3 4 4 2 4
Native Group 1 1 1          1 1  1
Filipino Group 1 1 1 1 1     1   1


Week(s)Native PremiumNative StandardClassic StandardLight Course ALight Course BPremium YLEIntensive YLEIELTS StandardIELTS SpeakingTOEIC Standard
1$ 525.00$ 367.50$ 269.50$ 193.00$ 133.00$ 420.00$ 367.50$ 332.50$ 168.00$ 333.00
2$ 900.00$ 630.00$ 462.00$ 330.00$ 228.00$ 720.00$ 630.00$ 570.00$ 288.00$ 570.00
3$ 1,200.00$ 840.00$ 616.00$ 440.00$ 304.00$ 960.00$ 840.00$ 760.00 $ 384.00 $ 760.00
4 $ 1,500.00$ 1,050.00$ 770.00$ 550.00$ 380.00$ 1,200.00$ 1,050.00$ 950.00$ 480.00$ 950.00
5 $ 1,875.00 $ 1,312.50$ 962.50$ 688.00$ 475.00$ 1,500.00$ 1,312.50$ 1,187.50$ 600.00$ 1,188.00
6 $ 2,250.00$ 1,575.00$ 1,155.00$ 825.00$ 570.00$ 1,800.00$ 1,575.00$ 1,425.00$ 720.00$ 1,425.00
7  $ 2,265.00 $ 1,837.50$ 1,347.50$ 963.00$ 665.00$ 2,100.00$ 1,837.50$ 1,662.50$ 840.00$ 1,662.50
8  $ 3,000.00 $ 2,100.00$ 1,540.00$ 1,100.00$ 760.00$ 2,400.00$ 2,100.00$ 1,900.00$ 960.00$ 1,900.00
12 $ 4,500.00 $ 3,150.00$ 2,310.00$ 1,650.00$ 1,140.00$ 3,600.00$ 3,150.00$ 2,850.00$ 1,440.00$ 2,850.00
16  $ 6,000.00 $ 4,200.00$ 3,080.00$ 2,200.00$ 1,520.00$ 4,800.00$ 4,200.00$ 3,800.00$ 1,920.00$ 3,800.00
20 $ 7,500.00 $ 5,250.00$ 3,850.00$ 2,750.00$ 1,900.00$ 6,000.00$ 5,250.00$ 4,750.00$ 2,400.00$ 4,750.00
24 $ 9,000.00 $ 6,300.00$ 4,620.00$ 3,300.00$ 2,280.00$ 7,200.00$ 6,300.00$ 5,700.00$ 2,880.00$ 5,700.00
Week(s)Native PremiumNative StandardClassic StandardLight Course ALight Course BPremium YLEIntensive YLEIELTS StandardIELTS SpeakingTOEIC Standard
4 1,550,0001,100,000850,000650,000400,0001,300,0001,150,0001,000,000550,0001,000,000
5 1,937,500 1,375,0001,062,500812,500500,0001,625,0001,437,5001,250,000687,5001,250,000
6 2,325,0001,650,0001,275,000975,000600,0001,950,0001,725,0001,500,000825,0001,500,000
7  2,712,5001,925,0001,487,5001,137,500700,0002,275,0002,012,5001,750,000962,5001,750,000
8 3,100,0002,200,0001,700,0001,300,000800,0002,600,0002,300,0002,000,0001,100,0002,000,000
124,650,0003,300,0002,550,0001,950,0001,200,0003, 900,0003,450,0003,000,0001,650,0003,000,000
16  6,200,000 4,400,0003,400,0002,600,0001,600,0005,200,0004,600,0004,000,0002,200,0004,000,000
20 7,750,0005,500,0004,250,0003,250,0002,000,0006,500,0005,750,0005,000,0002,750,0005,000,000


Zoom Client Meeting – Allow teachers and students to communicate and do the following: • Record the class
• Annotate the book
Web-Office – Used by teachers to note information not in the book, and also to write corrections and allow students to write their homework.
Speed Test – To check if the speed of your internet connection works satisfactory.


Technical Requirements
• Computer (Laptop/PC)
• Webcam (HD)
• Headset (Noise Cancellation)
• Internet (Ethernet/Wired)
Software Requirement
• Zoom Software
• PDF Reader (Foxit/Adobe/Chrome)
Others Requirements
• Pen and Paper


Before the Class

• Prepare for your lessons, make sure all homework has been done before the class.
• Make sure the headset and webcam are working.
• You need to be in a quiet place.
• Avoid any background distractions.

During the Class

• Make sure you are attentive during the lessons.
• Make sure to ask questions if you do not understand.
• Do not open another application, especially games, during the class.
• Do not mute the teacher’s audio – it will waste time as the teacher will have to repeat.
• Take turns in speaking.

After the Class

• Do not immediately end the call.
• Ask the teacher if you need any clarifications.
• Say goodbye and thank each other for the class.


1. Please do not ask teachers about changing your schedule, enrollment, refunds or cancelling classes (see the FAQ section for details on who to contact).
2. It is strictly forbidden for teachers and students to make private arrangements for classes.


What software do you use to contact students?
Currently, we are using a third-party tool Zoom which use less bandwidth compared to other mainstream communication tools. It works on different devices and is also available in different countries.
Are the classes recorded?
Online classes are recorded via Zoom for quality and training purposes.  Students or guardians also have the option to record the class by pressing the Record button on Zoom.
Do I need to buy a book?
Online teachers use PDF files, and these are shared through Zoom. If students want to have a copy, they can purchase it directly from the publisher.
Can I cancel my classess? Can I get a refund?
Please refer to the cancellation policy on our website and then contact your managers through this link:
Can I change my teacher?

Yes.  You can request to change classes between Wednesday 1pm and Thursday 1.40pm. We will then update the schedule on Friday, and your new class / teacher will start on the following Monday.  To help choose another teacher, students can see videos of our other teachers which can be viewed at this link. Please contact your CIP manager if you want to change your teacher.

What if my teacher resigns?
If your scheduled teacher plans to leave, we will inform you ahead of time. We will assign a new teacher, but you can request another teacher if you are not satisfied.
Can I change the time of my class?
Yes, but this depends on the availability of teachers at different times. Changing time may mean that you also have to change the teacher. If you want to change the time of a class, please contact your CIP manager.
Can I change the subject(s) I am studying in my class(es)?
Yes, you can change subjects. The change will take effect the next day. If you want to change your subject(s), please contact your CIP manager.
I have a complaint. What should I do?
If you have a complaint about our service or one of our teachers, please contact your CIP manager.
Can I just tell the teacher if I want to enroll or to re-enroll?
Please do not speak to the teacher about this. For all questions about enrolment and re-enrolment, please contact your CIP manager.
Can I use my phone to do my classes?
For effective learning. we suggest using a computer or tablet with at least 10-inch screen size for you to see the resources properly.
How is the Internet and electricity at CIP?
CIP Online Academy has a dedicated Internet Connection and a backup. If there are any internet or electrical problems, we will immediately inform students. If the operation is unstable due to internet or electricity issues, classes will be rescheduled and the classes on that day will not be counted.
What if I am under an agency?

To protect our clients and our students, all transaction will be communicated to the agency responsible for the students.



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